Women’s College Basketball

We’ve come a long way since the inception of women’s college basketball. The first game, played in 1893 at Smith College, was played between sophomores and freshmen. However, the first “official” women’s college basketball match was recognized in April 1896 with a game between Berkley and Stanford. This match was played in a locked gymnasium, […]


Important Pointers for Basketball Coaching

Playing basketball isn’t all about relying on one’s skills and knowledge of the game. It further requires teamwork. A player will be unable to score for the team if the rest fail to cooperate in the venture. More so, basketball coaching is an integral ingredient in bringing success for the team. Can just anybody do […]


The basketball pass: Passing to excitement

One of the skills important for a player to learn before playing the actual game of basketball is passing the basketball. Passing is the act of the handing over the basketball to the player’s teammate. Communication between the team members is crucial in passing. You have to acknowledge the pass first, either verbally or nonverbally, […]

Basketball Technique

Outdoor Gear – How To Set Up Your Own Outdoor Basketball Court

Basketball is a great sport played both indoors on courts and outdoors on cement and other surfaces. Not everyone has access to an indoor basketball court, so your own outdoor court may be your only option. Playing basketball outdoors, however, will require the right gear to make it as much fun as playing indoors. Choosing […]


A Look at the Early History of the National Basketball Association

For one to appreciate what he sees now, he must have a glimpse from the past. Here, we have gathered some data regarding the history of the National Basketball Association which became the symbol of Basketball. From the combined efforts of the National Basketball League and Basketball Association of America, NBA was given birth in […]