Basketball Players; On and Off the Court

Basketball is the most popular sports all over the world. And NBA is the most popular association. And of course, NBA players are the most popular in the basketball world. Who would forget the reign of the one and only Michael Jordan? Who wouldn’t know about the greatness of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar? In the whole of NBA history, there have been lots of famous basketball players and most of them excelled in their own ways.

Perhaps, as a basketball fan you would want to know what happened to the legends and the greatest players in NBA after they have stopped making big hoops and showing awesome crossover moves. Here are some of them;

• Michael Jordan ” he’s been considered as the ultimate instrument in making NBA popular around the world. He is also acclaimed as the greatest player of all time. He received many basketball awards; most of them prestigious. Off the court, Jordan is now a business man. After retiring, he concentrated on promoting is Jordan Brand, a line of clothing.

He also owns a motorcycle road-racing team. On the side court, he joined the side court as the part owner as well as President for Basketball Operations for the Washington Wizards.

• Kareem Abdul-Jabbar ” he’s been know for his signature sky hooks and he was awarded with several honors for the great feats he shown while still playing. Off the court, he has done several other things including acting. He has appeared in several films such as Game of Death and Airplane!

He also appeared in several TV sitcoms including Full House, Amen, Living Single and Everybody Loves Raymond. Aside from acting, he has also authored several books including Kareem in 1996. On the side court, he has worked as assistant coach to Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Clippers and Seattle SuperSonics.

• Hakeem Olajuwon ” he is also considered as one of the greatest in NBA history. In fact, he has been recently inducted in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. Off the court, Olajuwon also wrote a book entitled “Living the Dream”. And did you know what greatest feat this man has? He is endorsing a sneaker from Spalding which is being sold at $35. He is not endorsing high-end brands like Nike or Adidas because according to him, a poor mother can’t buy Nikes worth $120.

They are just few of the greatest basketball players that NBA has. All of them are no longer playing hard court action. But still, every body will remember them as basketball legends.

But, not only retired basketball players are doing great off the court. In fact, many basketball players in NBA have their own great stories off the court. And with the NBA Cares program, these cagers are doing humanitarian activities which we can consider as their great contribution outside the world of hoops; reaching out to their fans.

Now, if you want to find out more of your favorite basketball players; their personal life and what they do when not shooting hoops, you can always look up the internet. The World Wide Web is the greatest place to look for such information. alone would be a great help. Books about your favorite players are also available.