Basketball Basics: Shooting

Basketball has made superstars out of Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Shacquille O’Neal and many others. In almost every country, there are breeds of basketball icons.

No wonder, basketball is continuously catching the interest of more and more people, especially the younger ones. Though, football still is considered the most popular sports event on earth, the ability of basketball games to catch and suspend breaths of sports fans around the world shouldn’t be underestimated.

The game of basketball is all about competition between two opposing teams. Each team has to accumulate points by shooting the ball into the basket. The more successful shots, the higher the points.

When looking at each game, it may seem that this sports activity could easily be handled. But experts and basketball players themselves would assert otherwise. Each player must strive harder to play the game better and help the team win the game.

Because basketball is all about shooting the ball into the basket, shooting is one of the most basic skills each basketball player must possess. Surely, there are many other aspects of the game, but so far, shooting is considered the most important because it is the way to accumulate scores for the team.

Shooting is that particular basketball act when the player is striving hard to successfully throw the basketball into the basket. There will be struggles to get hold of the ball, but in the end, each player’s goal is to shoot that ball into the basket to score.

Types of shooting

Because shooting is a complicated move within the game, there are many types of shooting. Take note that players can throw the ball from a stationary position, while walking, while running, while jumping and so on. The ultimate goal is to shoot that ball where it should be”to the basket.

One type of shooting is the easiest”the set shot. The set shot is usually observed when a player is shooting a ‘free throw’. In this type of shot, the player is left standing on the floor and throwing the ball into the basket very comfortably from a specified range.

The jump shot is more challenging than the set shot. In this shooting technique, the player jumps high into the air to be able to rise above the opponents and take a better vision and range of the basket. The opponent will try to block the shot and may end up being thrown up or being knocked down to the floor.

However, during a jump shot, traveling violations may occur. That is when the player isn’t able to release the ball immediately before his feet get back to the ground.

The layup is a shooting style when the basketball player moves along the court and throws up the ball to the basket. Layup is a shooting style wherein the player doesn’t need to take a stationary position to throw the ball. The opponents are aiming to snatch the ball from the one holding it, so there is a struggle.

And lastly, the most admired and sought-after shooting technique in every game is the slam dunk. Many stars have become icons because of their ability to perform a slam dunk during important games.

A slam dunk is a shooting technique wherein the player jumps toward the net, and directly throws the ball downward to shoot it in the hoop. When the player fails to shoot the ball into the basket during a slam dunk, it is an air ball, which isn’t a violation of game rules.

How to attain good shooting skills

Because shooting is very essential in every basketball game, players should strive harder to acquire several shooting techniques and skills. Here are some very simple tips that will help you attain optimal shooting skills.

Attain proper body balance so you can aim to shoot the ball better and do your goal well.
Calculate the force to apply by your arms to the basketball when throwing the ball into the net. By acquiring the ability to estimate the range between you and the hoop, you can adjust the force to apply to the ball. The fingertips should also be well coordinated.
Basketball is a physical game, but you should also have the mental agility. Concentrate on the game and focus well on your targets. Good focus will help you to shoot that ball into the target hoop.

Basketball wouldn’t be basketball without shooting. Train and criticize yourself so you will be able to be a better player. It may be just be a game, but it is important to the competitive side of you. Good luck!